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The Millionaire Boss Boosts Profits By Abusing His Minimum Wage Employee Into Committing Suicide

by Linda Reier

[While waiting for the D train at W 4th street]

'So. What do you think? Amazing, right?' asks the American.

'Mmm,' says the Frenchman.



'Greatest city in the world.'

'I will say, I understand why Americans like dogs so much,' says the Frenchman.



'What about 'em?'

'I said, I understand why Americans like dogs so much.'


'Like your dog.'

'What about him?' asks the American.

'A dog can be bought, yes? Dogs can be bought very easily. Intensely easily.'


'Yes. You feed them a little bit and they love you. A little bit of food and the dog is loyal.'

'Yeah. Great, right?'

'I like cats.'

'Never cared for cats.'

'Yes. I doubt you do. But I do. I like cats very much. You feed a cat, but that does not mean you own the cat. The cat is not loyal to you eternal because you feed her. Trust? Loyalty like that must be earned. A cat can sense your soul, can know if you are worthy. Knows if you are moral. A cat can see if you deserve love. A cat will not exchange love for food. A cat cannot be bought like a dog.'

'Yeah, never liked cats much.'

'I wouldn't think so. The dog has no style.'

'How can a dog have style?'

'Exactly. A dog cannot. But a cat. Yes. A cat can have great style, and style you must respect. Do you know what respect...'

'Well. Whatever. I prefer dogs.'