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Gilmore Girls

by Rachel Heinhorst

It is my favorite part of the day,
for now, for both of us.
We've found a warm place,
to help us wind down
another day we get through.

A treacherous course,
a divorce
no more mom and dad.
but this warm spot we've found,
episodes of Gilmore Girls,
blankets, the couch, candles,
chocolate; of course
this is what we need.

My eleven year old daughter,
completely old enough in this,
knows we need to look forward
to something that looks like love,
these television stories
of a mother and daughter,
going through a life in ways like ours,
and even though this poem is a confession,
she, no I, will ever say it aloud.

We'll just keep talking,
laughing at certain parts,
let the sad creep in at others,
and we'll fall asleep,
both of us ready to ask,
at the end of the next day,
which episode we ended on.

About the Author

Rachel Heinhorst teaches for the College of Southern Maryland, writes poetry, publishes here and there, and is very happy for spring's arrival.